Minimizing Animal Fecal Contamination

Gardens with pets and plants that attract birds and deer, may increase the risk of some types of contamination. It is impossible to eliminate animals from the garden, but you can take steps to minimize their presence or activities.

• During the growing and harvest seasons, keep domestic animals and pets out of the edible garden area.

• Carefully consider whether weed-eating geese or pest-eating ducks and chickens are sensible additions to your garden. Feces from these animals can contain pathogens.

• Minimize vegetation at the edges of fruit and vegetable patches. They can serve as gathering, nesting, or hiding places for animals, such as rats or mice, that can serve as sources of human pathogens.

• Minimize the presence decaying fruits and vegetables adjacent to your garden because these attract animals.

• Keep harvest equipment surfaces, such as bins, totes, boxes, buckets, or bushel baskets, clean and sanitary.

Courtesy of UC Davis