Public Service Announcement Videos

Animal Intrusion PSA
The Arizona Leafy Green Marketing Agreement contains strict production guidelines that minimizes the risk of food borne pathogens in leafy greens. For its success, your cooperation is appreciated-- including your dog’s. As innocent as walking your pet along a canal bank may seem, animals carry E. coli in their waste. It’s very important to clean up after your pet and not let animals in and around produce fields or irrigation water. Taking these small precautions can help keep Yuma grown leafy greens safe.

Growers PSA
Yuma area leafy green producers… Efficient, innovative and progressive. Producers are now growing leafy greens under a new collection of food safety guidelines, The Arizona Leafy Green Marketing Agreement. These unprecedented measures assist local growers in producing leafy greens which are fresh, healthy and free of human pathogens. From installing field fences to prevent animal intrusion to increased water quality monitoring, Yuma growers lead the effort in growing the safest and healthiest produce in the US, and-- we’re proud of it.

Impact on Agriculture PSA
Agriculture, it’s a part of Yuma’s backbone, a pillar in the community, our way of life. And for the past 125 years, Yuma has been the epicenter of winter produce: iceberg, romaine, spinach, baby leaf, Yuma grown and shipped throughout the US and the world. Food safety and public health? A spotless record, Yuma has never been linked to any incident. Yet, as the story of today is food safety and leafy greens, our challenge is clear. Every day, as we look for additional ways to meet the new Arizona’s leafy green production standards, we know that our tradition continues. Your help is appreciated….

Land Use PSA
When and where to grow leafy greens are questions frequently asked, but Yuma area growers are trying to minimize food safety risks associated with fields that are close to urban development. Risks could be septic tanks that leak, or unintentional animal or pet contamination of fields and harvest equipment. The Arizona Leafy Green Marketing Agreement is a new collection of production guidelines that voluntarily creates effective steps towards minimizing risk. Please do your part, keep animals and pet out of produce fields.

Leafy Green Marketing Agreemet (LGMA) Guidelines PSA
Yuma grown leafy greens… Fresh, healthy and safe. Although never been implicated in an incident involving food safety, growers have recently adopted the leafy green marketing agreement to minimize the risk of Arizona grown produce to food borne pathogens. The agreement consists of strict production guidelines to guarantee that workers are hygienic, fields are free of animal waste, and irrigation water is of the highest quality. Food safety is a production priority, and we’re doing everything possible to make sure of that.

The leafy green marketing agreement is a new collection of production guidelines that lowers the risk of contamination to lettuce and spinach. Yuma area producers, who adhere to the guidelines, are represented by a mark that stands as a signature for quality, safety and distinction. And, growers are privileged to use this mark when adhering to the production recommendations, as outlined by the marketing agreement. Growing leafy greens free from human pathogens and minimizing health risks is our chief concern; you have our word on it.

LGMA National Standards PSA
Leafy greens, Romaine, Iceberg and baby leaf, we all know they're part of our epicenter of winter agriculture. And as Yuma producers work towards greater quality and enhanced efficiency, it seems to reason that the Arizona Leafy Green Marketing Agreement will become the standard for producing safe leafy greens in the US. With rigorous production guidelines, Yuma growers now routinely monitor water quality, the environment and field hygiene. Yuma grown… It’s not only the freshest, but the safest.

People & Pets PSA
Canal banks and crops have always been a popular place for Yuma residents to take their daily walks and jogs. What people don’t know is that they might harm crops by accidentally kicking objects, particularly animal and pet waste, into irrigation canals and ditches. This could result in the possible contamination of water which irrigates Yuma grown produce. Let’s be good stewards of Yuma agriculture, and do our part in keeping our locally grown produce contaminant free.

Soil Ammendments PSA
Due to its dry climate, excellent irrigation, and cool temperatures, Yuma is one of the best areas to grow winter leafy greens. Rich, deep, fertile soils bear crops that have exceptional yields and quality. As part of the innovative, Arizona Leafy Green Marketing Agreement, Yuma area growers have adopted new production methods that eliminates the use of soil amendments and fertilizers that could put public health at risk. Food safety and public health is our top priority, you can count on it.

Water Quality PSA
Water may be the single most important requirement when it comes to growing desert produce. That’s why Yuma growers voluntarily adhere to the Arizona Leafy Green Marketing Agreement to keep our irrigation water free of human pathogens that could contaminant crops and increase health risk. As producers rely on a supply of clean, safe water, they also invite the community to be good citizens by picking up after animals and pets. Please help us make our produce as safe as it can be.