The Arizona Good Agricultural Practices / Good Handling Practices Certification Program

In partnership with the Arizona Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Consultation and Training (ACT), the University of Arizona, Yuma County Cooperative Extension has developed a USDA Good Handling Practices/Good Agricultural Practices Training Program for all Arizona specialty crop producers in the state.

As food safety is a shared responsibility, the training program will focus on certification of food safety practices from a company-wide standpoint including those involved in the harvest and handling fresh produce. The bulk of the curriculum will focus on building an understanding of good agricultural practices and the preparation for a 3rd party audit certification. Topics that will be covered include worker health and hygiene, water use, postharvest water use, soil amendments, cleaning and sanitation, traceability and recall, crisis management, and other important practices.

Students will learn how to implement change and be asked to create a produce safety plan specific to your individual company which will include a mock audit. Case studies and examples will be provided or shared. Quizzes will be included in the curriculum.

Program Details:
Cost: The training programs are free
Commodities: Fruits, vegetables, nuts and other horticultural foods
Cost Share: ADA cost shared reimbursement will pay fees up to 75% for audit certification
Location: Yuma, AZ
Length of Course: 2 full days
Passing Score: Mastery of 80% of the overall content

Course Map
GHP/GAP Registration Form
GHP/GAP Reimbursement Applicaion