How Extension Works

One out of every 11 Arizonans participates in Cooperative Extension workshops, field demonstrations, summer camps, web-based classes and more.

In addition to offering long-standing, traditional agriculture production programs, UA Extension agents help farmers battle new varieties of agricultural pests, provide support for grandparents raising grandchildren and work to combat rising obesity rates in children and adults.

We are unique because our programs are made possible by a partnership between the federal government, the UA College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and each of the counties we serve. We are bringing university research to Arizona's families every day to improve their lives, communities and the economy.

Extension Programs

University of Arizona Cooperative Extension has a variety of outreach and educational programs targeting areas of need for Arizona's families and communities.

4-H Youth Development

Program focused on science, health, citizenship, communications and leadership. Participants learn critical life skills that help them become career- and college-ready.

Agriculture & Food Safety

Information on field crops, fertilizer, irrigation and pest management. Programs related to animal, food and fiber production systems help growers optimize animal health, welfare and productivity, improve profitability, and lessen resource use—leading to more sustainable production systems and a more stable supply of safe and nutritious agricultural products.

Children & Families

These Cooperative Extension programs link families to educational and community programs that help them improve relationships, develop knowledge and decision-making abilities around health and wellbeing and provide opportunities for leadership skill-building.


Information for homeowners, landscape professionals and gardening enthusiasts. What to plant around the home and how to care for trees, shrubs, flowers and garden vegetables. Info on lawn care, pest management and irrigation systems.


Education programs that translate the latest research into effective nutrition, physical activity and food safety practices that people can use to improve their lives, homes and businesses.

Natural Resources

Information on climate change, watershed management and forestry health. The latest research on range management, drought in Arizona, bark beetles, noxious weeds, fire safety, water conservation and more.

Nutrition & Physical Activity

Helps participants learn to choose healthy food, manage food dollars, handle food safely and increase their physical activity. Better health is associated with reduced health care costs and less absenteeism from work.


Latest information on water quality issues including reclaimed water, septic systems and drinking water requirements. Information on water use for plants, crops and trees as well as watersheds, rivers, streams and wells.