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The Tolerance of Endive and Escarole to Balan (Oct. 3, 2012)

Endive and Escarole can be treated with Kerb and Prefar but not Balan. It has been uncertain if this was because these crops have a lower tolerance to Balan or because of other registration issues. We have just completed a trial that was designed to evaluate the relative tolerance of lettuce, endive and escarole to Balan. The trial was conducted in trays under laboratory conditions. We created a worst case scenario by spraying a 1X (2lb.), 2X(4lb.) and 0 rate of Balan unto the soil with no incorporation. Balan is normally incorporated which mixes and dilutes it and reduces the concentration around the seed. Silty clay loam soil from the Yuma Valley was used. Pictures of the trays taken 2 weeks after application and planting appear below. At the normal use rate there was slight injury to endive and escarole . It was worse in the endive than the escarole. The lettuce was not injured. It is unlikely that injury would occur in the field at this rate when the Balan is incorporated and mixed into the soil. It is apparent, from the 2X rate, however that both endive and escarole have less tolerance to Balan than does lettuce. Endive looks particularly sensitive. The lettuce was not injured. This injury is from a 2X rate sprayed over the seed with no incorporation and not likely to occur under normal field conditions. It demonstrates, however, that endive and escarole are more sensitive to Balan than is lettuce. If an excessive rate is applied, it is not incorporated or the crop is under stress, injury to these crops is more likely.

Untreated Plants
Plants treated with 1x Balan
Plants treated with 2x Balan

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