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Prowl H2O Now Registered for Brassica Head and Stem Vegetables (Sep. 5, 2012)

Brassica head and stem vegetables, including broccoli and cauliflower, have recently been added to the Prowl H20 label. There is no supplemental label . It has been added to the full section 3 Label and use directions can be found there. It is registered in Arizona but not California.

The label specifies that applications should be made as a directed spray between vegetable rows after the crop has 2 to 4 leaves. It can also be applied as a directed spray to transplants that have 2 to 4 leaves, 1 to 3 days after transplanting. The application rates are from 1.0 pt. on course soils up to 2.1 pts. on fine textured soil. It cannot be applied within 60 days before broccoli harvest or 70 days before cabbage or other brassica head and stem vegetable harvest.

ProwlH2O is a dinitroanaline herbicide that uses the same mode of action as trifluralin(Teflan), benefin(Balan) and others. Trifluralin is also registered on cole crops and can be applied preplant incorporated. Other preemergence herbicides registered for use on cole crops include Dacthal, Prefar, Devrinol and oxyflurfen( Goal, Galigan, others).

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