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When a Weed is Not a Weed (May 11, 2016)
The term “weed” has several different meanings, It has no botanical meaning and can be anything in the plant kingdom. It has no value in terms of plant identification. If you look up “weed” you will find many definitions.
1- A plant growing where it is unwanted
2- A plant growing when it is unwanted
3-To remove as undesirable. To “weed out”
4-A thin, unmuscular person.” He is as skinny as a weed”
6- Fast growing. “She is growing like a weed”
7- Plants that are fast growing, prolific and of no apparent value
Only about half of the weeds that are common here are native. The others were brought here either intentionally or unintentionally. They may have been brought here as ornamentals, cover crops, medicinal value, nutritional value or other reasons and gotten established. Others get here unintentionally in seed, soil , on equipment, plants and other means. The book, “Weeds of Arizona” was compiled in the 1060’s and does not contain several weeds that are now common here. Weeds are still as much of a problem as they have ever been despite the development of many new herbicides and technologies to control them.

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