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Postemergence Weed Control in Lettuce (November 11, 2015)
Once broadleaf weeds become established in lettuce, there are no herbicides that can be used to selectively control them. Kerb( Pronamide) will control some emerged weeds when they are very small but if they get more than about 0.25“ in diameter they will recover. Grasses can be controlled selectively postemergence with Poast( Sethoydim) or Select Max(Clethodim) although only Clethodim worls on annual bluegrass and sprangletop and neither works on sandbur. Several herbicides have been tested to control emerged broadleaf weeds in lettuce but nothing has been both safe to the crop and effective on the weeds. Some work was done in recent years with low rates of Pursuit( Imazethypyr) on lettuce. It looked like it might be ok on head lettuce only but has a long soil residual and would likely cause problems with subsequent crops planted in the same field. Cultivation and hand weeding are the only options for established broadleaf weeds in lettuce.

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