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Update on the Status of the Applications to Register Kerb on Leaf Lettuce (November 26, 2014)
Kerb was used here on lettuce from 1964 until the leaf lettuce registration was cancelled five seasons ago. There are different kinds of registrations for pesticides and two types of applications have been submitted to restore this registration. Dow Chemical has applied for a Section 3 registration for Kerb on leaf lettuce. This is sometimes referred to as a full registration and is for product use throughout the United States on certain crops. States can apply restrictions within their borders. These products have gone through a complete review and all requirements have been meet. Dow has submitted all of the required information for this type of registration but it is uncertain when a final decision
will be meet. The second application that has been submitted is a Section 18 Emergency Exemption. This was submitted by the Arizona Dept. of Agriculture a couple months ago for the use of Kerb on leaf lettuce in Arizona. This type of registration allows states to approve the use of unregistered products for emergency pest conditions in a specific region for a limited time. Other options are normally not available. Technically, this is not a registration but an exemption from registration to help solve an emergency condition for a limited time. It is not often granted but a good case was made. EPA understands that these applications are for emergency situations and tries to act on these within 2 or 3 months. It is already late in the leaf lettuce season but hopefully we will have either a full registration or emergency exemption by next season.
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