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Areawide Insect Trapping Network (November 27, 2013)
Results of pheromone and sticky trap catches can be viewed here.

Corn earworm/Tobacco budworm: Flight activity has declined significantly in all growing areas, and no moths have been captured in any of the traps since Nov 15.

Cabbage looper: Flight activity was down significantly in all areas during the past 2 weeks. Numbers caught in the highest trap were averaging only 4.3 adults per night.

Whitefly: Overall, sticky traps show that adult movement is almost negligible consistent with cooler weather and the melon and cotton harvest coming to a close.

Thrips: Numbers remain low in most trap locations and are highest in the Roll area. Numbers on untreated lettuce at YAC are moderate and increasing.

Aphids: Winged aphids catches are beginning to increase in all areas consistent Winged aphids catches are beginning to increase in all areas consistent with the winds and cooler weather. Alate green peach aphids are beginning to show up on traps.

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