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Areawide Insect Trapping Network (March 8, 2017)
Results of pheromone and sticky trap catches can be viewed here.

Corn earworm: CEW moth activity remains low, but observations of larvae in head lettuce have been reported.

Beet armyworm: Beet armyworm moth activity remains low.

Cabbage looper: Cabbage looper moth activity is increasing throughout the area, particularly in Welton and the Yuma Valley.

Whitefly: Adults captures on sticky traps remain at seasonal low levels.

Thrips: Thrips movement was noticeably higher in the past 2 weeks consistent with warmer weather and shrinking lettuce acreage.

Aphids: Aphid flights in some areas of the Yuma Valley remain higher than what was recorded this time last year.

Leafminers: Adult fly movement is still increasing, particularly in Dome Valley and Yuma Valley.

Diamondback moth: Moth activity reached its highest level this season in many traps locations. In general, DBM flight activity is highest in the north Yuma Valley in traps near broccoli or seed crop plantings.

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