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Areawide Insect Trapping Network (October 30, 2013)


Results of pheromone and sticky trap catches from Sep 29-Oct 25 can be viewed here.

Corn earworm/Tobacco budworm: Flight activity has declined significantly in all growing areas. However, CEW larvae can be found on pre-cupping stage lettuce at YAC.

Cabbage looper: Flight activity was down in all areas the past 2 weeks with the exception Rolland the south Yuma Valley. Larval populations remain high on untreated lettuce at YAC.

Beet armyworm: Moths remain active since in most areas; particularly in Wellton and the south Yuma Valley. Eggs masses/small larvae can readily be found in untreated lettuce at YAC.

Whitefly: Overall, sticky traps show that adult movement is decreasing in most areas, but peak populations were trapped in the north Gila Valley last week.

Thrips: Numbers remain low in most trap locations and are highest in the Roll area. Numbers on untreated lettuce at YAC are moderate and increasing.

Aphids: Winged aphids are being trapped in low numbers in sticky traps in the Yuma Valley last week consistent with the winds and cooler weather. A few cabbage aphid alates were identified on traps, but thus far no alates or colonies found on untreated lettuce at YAC.

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