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Areawide Insect Trapping Network (October 16, 2013)


Results of pheromone and sticky trap catches from Sep 29-Oct 12 can be viewed here.

Corn earworm: Flight activity continues to decline have decreased across the region over the past two weeks. Numbers remain highest in Wellton.

Tobacco budworm: Numbers continue to be light in all areas thus far this fall, with very low numbers caught in traps in Wellton.

Cabbage looper: Flight activity increased in all areas. Activity last week was highest in North Gila Valley, Wellton and South Yuma Valley.

Beet armyworm: Have been active since early September; activity especially high in Wellton, the Gila Valley and South Yuma Valley.

Whitefly: Overall, sticky traps show that adult movement is decreasing in most areas, but increased considerably this past week in the North Gila Valley and mid-Yuma Valley.

Thrips: Numbers remain low in most trap locations but increase significantly in Roll over the past 2 weeks.

Aphids: Winged aphids were picked up in low numbers in sticky traps in the North Gila and South Yuma Valleys. The species were unknown, but were not aphids known to colonize winter vegetables (e.g., green peach aphid)

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