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Integrated Pest Management in Vegetables (March 6, 2013)

As many of you are aware, the 2013 Southwest Ag Summit begins this week here in Yuma out at the Arizona Western College campus. The SWAS provides the local industry with a venue for networking and discovering new products and equipment, but also offers a number of scientific and technical educational sessions for growers and PCAs. Our very own UA Vegetable IPM team will be involved in one of the breakout sessions held on Thursday, Mar 7 from 1:30-3:30. Collectively the team will provide updates on the latest information on management of insects, disease and plant pathogens in desert vegetable crops. I will be presenting information on two topics, the first being new insecticide chemistry for desert vegetables in 2013 which will review information and research on three new insecticide products that should be registered in leafy vegetable and melon crop this year. In addition, I will provide another presentation on the latest information for managing whiteflies and CYSDV in fall melons. Barry Tickes will be providing a review of herbicide chemistry and weed management techniques for vegetable crops. Finally, Mike Matheron will provide a review of pathogens and fungicides important in desert vegetables. Given the collective years of experience of our team (over 80 years), this session has a lot to offer to growers and PCAs interested in keeping up with the latest developments in vegetable IPM in desert crops. Hope to see you there.

Foxglove Aphids Showing Up in Desert Produce, 2013

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