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Comparison of Melon Powdery Mildew Fungicides (May 15, 2019)
Comparison of melon powdery mildew fungicides. Annual field trials to evaluate and compare fungicides for their effectiveness in combating powdery mildew on cantaloupe have been conducted at the University of Arizona Yuma Agricultural Center for over 20 years. As a result of these trials, several fungicides have been identified that provide excellent levels of disease reduction, ranging from over 80% to virtually complete control compared to nontreated plants. Similar results can be expected in management of powdery mildew on other melons and cucurbits, as one pathogen is the primary cause of powdery mildew on these crops in the desert southwest. These fungicides also are classified in one of several different Fungicide Resistance Action Committee (FRAC) groups, which provides users with the means of deploying fungicide application programs containing fungicides with different modes of action to delay development of fungicide resistance while at the same time achieving excellent disease control. Fungicides that have reduced powdery mildew from over 80 to virtually 100% in at least three different field trials include the following and their associated FRAC Group: Procure, Rhyme, Rally, and Mettle (Group 3); Inspire Super (Groups 3, 7); Fontelis and Endura (Group 7); Luna Sensation and Merivon (Groups 7, 11); Quintec (Group 13); Torino (Group U6); Prolivo and Vivando (Group U8); and Wettable sulfur (Group M2). The full potential of these or other fungicides used to manage powdery mildew can be achieved when applied before or at the initial onset of disease. However, once powdery mildew has become established in a crop, disease containment becomes increasing difficult if not impossible to achieve.

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