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Hemp Workshop Recording (October 2nd, 2019)
Thank you for greatest enthusiasm on Hemp Workshop held on September 9, 2019. Great speakers and even greater questions. Thank you, JV-Farms, Helena Agri, and Marrone Bio innovations, for sponsoring the workshop. For those who missed the workshop, the recording is available in University of Arizona Cooperative Extension website.

Calling for sponsorship and partnership for Hemp Pilot Project Want to be sponsor or partner the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Hemp Pilot Project? Based on high need of research on hemp research, we are starting Hemp Pilot Project. We will be looking at finding the best practices for hemp farming, direct seed vs transplant trials, auto-flowering variety, irrigation requirements, clone production, breeding for stable phenotypic expression/population etc. Email enquiries to PS: Shiny new website for Hemp Project under construction!!


Calling for Fusarium bioassay We are excited to announce that we have been funded by Arizona Iceberg Research Council for our Fusarium bio-assay project. We will be doing the trials and standardize the protocols before we offer the service to the public. We, however, need your help with soil samples. Any places you see high pressure of Fusarium, please let us know. We need to collect soil samples. The location of the field will be confidential and will not be shared with anyone. Please contact Bindu Poudel ( or Martin Porchas Sr. ( We are also collecting Fusarium isolates and preserving for detailed studies on the population genetics.

Final call for fungicide trials at Yuma Ag Center We will be doing fungicide trials at the Yuma Ag Center like every year. If you want any fungicide trials done on Lettuce (Downey mildew, powdery mildew, Sclerotinia), and Spinach downey mildew please contact us by October 11. We are preparing lands for the trials and we need to finalize the number of treatments.


PS:PS: Shiny new website for Yuma Plant Pathology Program under construction!!! Send us your best shots to be featured in the website ;)

To contact Paul Brown go to:

For questions or comments on any of the topics please contact Marco Pena at the Yuma Agricultural Center.
College of Agriculture, The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.

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