Vice President & Dean Shane Burgess

Welcome to Agriculture, Life and Veterinary Sciences, and Cooperative Extension at the University of Arizona, a complex interdependent state-and world-wide enterprise.

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, our academic face, is a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) college strategically fulfilling two missions: to educate students and communities in ways that enable their future success in regional and global economies, and to develop new knowledge and new technologies to benefit society.

Today it is critical that universities apply accountable, sound business practices. We need to be where the world is going, not where it is today, and so in our college we continually review what we are doing; we continually make small changes as soon as we identify a better path forward for you. We need every dollar delivering for our missions. Informing all of our goals are the Arizona Board of Regents metrics and the UA's Never Settle strategic plan. Take a look at our strategic plan.

Producing employable graduates, who can do jobs that do not yet exist and create new jobs

Are you applying to UA or considering a new major? We want you to know about our first-class education, advising services and career preparation. Visit our schools and departments; explore main campus and the Tucson area.

Do you want to be a range manager, dietitian, race track industry professional, geneticist, environmental lawyer, medical doctor, pharmacist, engineer, wildlife biologist or retail executive? The oldest college in all of Arizona’s three universities, we deliver 36 degrees directly related to your future success in the marketplace. We can prepare you for over 140 careers where our alumni are already finding success.

A leading economic development engine for Arizona

For cutting-edge basic to applied research, with direct effects on Arizona’s economy—we’re doing it.

Our faculty are developing a vaccine for one of the most common and devastating causes of acute human gastroenteritis; sequencing the rice genome to feed the world; providing teachers for 21st century bioeconomy jobs; engineering life-support systems to colonize Mars; advancing new knowledge on the role that absence of fathers plays in early onset of puberty in their daughters; and partnering with industry to deliver research on the role emerging digital technologies play in the marketplace.

In addition, and unique to any other college in any Arizona university, we host Arizona’s federally mandated Extension programs, reaching nearly 800,000 people each year. Programs in wildfire mitigation, early childhood literacy and integrated pest management are just a few of these programs driving growth in Arizona’s economy—generating jobs, facilitating local economic development, saving taxpayers millions in medical costs and supporting Arizona industries.

Join us.